In 2012, the year after my oldest son was born. I started a journey which is far from over. I decided to tell my story, a story about Aids, death, hope and love.

I lost both my parent at a young age and I my self was extremely lucky to survive long enough to the medication arrived. Today I am not able to transfer the virus as long as I am in treatment. Both my kids a healthy and well. They are not infected because I do not infect.

It is that story which I would like to tell. I want to enlighten and provide hope to those large places in the world, who is still not aware that HIV is not a death sentence, but something we can fight together. But there is sadly still a long way.

I truly believe that HIV can be exterminated globally. But it is a tough and backbreaking fight due to the ignorance and taboo about this exact shitty disease. The American movie director Tyler Q Rosen have followed me for several years and been with my a countless number of times to Africa which now have given us a documentary. At the SOLD OUT world premiere at CPH:DOX March 24 will I afterwards play a little concert with my Zambian friends who will fly all the way to Denmark just to be part of the premiere. This will be a one time only performance.

I dream about a world where ignorance is not seen as a debility but rather as a acceptance that we must be to inform each other.
I dream about a world where love and passion do not become a death sentence as was the case with my own parrents.

“Can songs save the world?”


The film

“Doin’ My Drugs” documents the extraordinary life and personal transformation of musician Thomas Muchimba Buttenschøn.

Born in Zambia in 1985 to a Zambian mother and Danish father, Buttenschøn is diagnosed HIV positive as an infant. His parents subsequently learn they are infected. The family moves to Denmark for treatment, but by the time Thomas is nine he’s lost both his mother and father. After becoming deathly ill himself at 13, Buttenschøn begins antiretroviral (ARV) treatment and regains his health. He throws himself into music, becomes a Danish pop star, marries and fathers two sons.

While he is able to live a full and healthy life with the virus, he recognizes that his native Zambia remains trapped in a senseless HIV/AIDS epidemic. The government offers ARV treatment for free, but a staggering 13% of Zambians are infected with HIV and remain untreated. Thomas is inspired to use his music and personal story of survival and triumph to confront the stigma and fight the spread of HIV.

He asks, “Can songs save the world?”



2025 - Band Tour
07 Time 20:00 Location Aarhus - Band koncert


15 Time 20:00 Location Odense - Band koncert


21 Time 21:00 Location Fredericia - Band koncert


22 Time 20:00 Location København - Band koncert

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2024 - Solo tour
06 Time 20:00 Location Vemb - Solo koncert

Nørre Vosborg

20 Time 20:00 Location Præstø - Solo koncert




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